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These are songs that were written and or performed by friends of UncleDad. If you find your name and music here and wish to have it removed, just let me know, I understand.

Laura; A hot chick I met down at Purdue. The best vocalist I’ve ever had the pleasure to befriend. Her husband (Pat Kelly) and I had a “kick ass” jam band way back in the eighties. Amazingly enough we are all still good friends to this day.

Jeff Jones; Another hot chick (cross dresser) I met in Gary (my hometown) Indiana. Actually Jeff (he’s really a man but he has been known to where a pink tutu on occasion) was a founding member of UncleDad (and Aunt Ron), although I’m sure he would deny it if actually confronted with such a startling fact. UncleDad and Jeff are still good friends today, Jeff is pursuing his thespian tendencies in Chicago, we wish him the best, thanks for the monitors and the P-Bass Jeff.

Brad Cook; Another “Jam Band buddy” of mine from Purdue. The best raw guitarist/songwriter I’ve ever had the pleasure of befriending. We have been working on his “solo” album for years. I promise that it will get finished before 2007. If you ever get your ass back up here.

Joe Drummer; Joe played drums with us for a year or so, haven’t heard from him since, Joe give us a call. Excellent drummer.

Tom Whittaker; My brother. A great guitarist, musician, producer. We don’t always see eye to eye but somehow we manage to remain good friends. Maybe it’s the music? Maybe someday I’ll get to post some of my nephew’s (Tom & Sean) music. It runs in the family.

Jeff Trathen; A friend of my brother’s and mine. A great guitarist/songwriter. He played in a successful Texas combo “Blue Wing”. He plays a really nice live acoustic show in and around Valparaiso Indiana.

Abe Aries; Another good friend of my brother’s that I have been fortunate enough to “Jam” with. Many hours of my life have been spent learning guitar, general beer consumption, and life lessons, with Tom and Abe.

Lloyd and Jerry Munio; my sister in law’s Father and Uncle. Real guitar players. It runs in the family.