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Post-Modern Working-Class Folk

Who is "Uncle Dad"? Rather, what is "Uncle Dad"? "Uncle Dad" is the quirky musical brainchild of singer-songwriter and one-time United States Steel Gary Works employee John Whittaker. "I'd been kicked out of so many bands in my life that I finally got sick of the bullshit and decided to start my own in-bred band."

Inspired by a wide spectrum of musical tastes, "Uncle Dad" integrates seemingly fractured and disconnected styles into a steaming sonic stew that outright cooks. Basically a folk band that drinks too much coffee and doesn't get enough sleep, "Uncle Dad" references artists the likes of John Prine, Jeff Tweedy and Johnny Cash while incorporating elements of country, punk, surf, reggae and heavy metal. Distant echoes of the Clash, the Jam, and the Ventures can be detected.

"We try to do three things when we play," cites John, "tell a story, find the groove and try not to drink so much beer that our wives or moms have to drive us home. We're usually successful with the first two."

"Uncle Dad" has been accused of having a bad attitude. What do you expect from a life-time of sitting either in the back of the class staring out the window or outside the principal's office waiting for your mom to pick you up? "Uncle Dad" doesn't give answers people want to hear. Instead, it sees the world for what it is without apology.

Born and bred amid the looming shadows and acrid belch of Gary, Indiana's sardonic steel mills and rusted, shuttered factories, "Uncle Dad" has seen hard times come to Northwest Indiana and has no reason to pretend otherwise. "Life can really suck," notes former bassist Jeff Jones, "but at least we can have some fun in the meantime. And somehow by doing that, life becomes tolerable again."

Irreverent and edgy, "Uncle Dad's" songs take you on an alley-wide tour of life lived without Prozac. You'll laugh while grinding your teeth all the way to the bar for another shot and beer.

Eschewing elaborate stage theatrics, "Uncle Dad" relies on the charismatic personalities and witty banter of its members to entertain. "We thought about digging up my old fog-machine from back in the day when I was in that UFO cover-band, but eventually decided against it," states guitarist, Frank Barbaric. "Jeff's got asthma and he says the chemical fog would only make it worse." Adds drummer Bob Castle, "I don't care about any of that shit man. Just as long as we get paid, I don't have to bring my own drum set and the sound man isn't high on crack, then I'm satisfied."

But you gotta hear it and see it to believe it. Lock the doors, hide the kids and make sure there's plenty of film in your camera, "Uncle Dad" is coming to a town near you.

John Chessor - Bass Guitar and Vocals   |   Dave Carroll - Drums and Vocals
John Whittaker - Guitars and Vocals